These plays have been performed (or are to be performed) as part of the Legends of the Skies series at the National Aviation Museum, Moorabbin, VIC from 2014 to the present. They all deal with some aspect of Australian Aviation history. It’s both exciting and challenging to perform against such a backdrop!

Maurice Guillaux

The story of Maurice Guillaux, daredevil French pilot who delivered Australia’s first official airmail.


Some of Charles Kingsford Smith’s exploits.


The story of Friedrich (Fred) David, a Jewish aeronautical engineer. Fred fled Nazi Germany and Japan’s secret police only to end up in an internment camp in Victoria as a suspected enemy alien before being released to help the Australian war effort.

Lost in the Desert

A ballad. The sad story of pilot James Knight who came down in the desert. He scratched a message to his sweetheart on the fuselage of his aircraft before walking to his death.

A Sky Saga: the Story of Sir Thomas White.

Tommy White, parliamentarian and son-in-law of Alfred Deakin, was one of the first pilots to train for the Australian Flying Corps. This play takes a humorous look at some of his WW1 exploits.

Black Magic

Len Waters, the first Aboriginal military aviator.

I know where I’m going: the Peggy Kelman Story

Peggy Kelman defied convention to become one of Australia’s trail-blazing aviatrixes. With musical interludes!

Thirteen is lucky for some

Comedy: the story of WW1 reconnaissance pilot Eric Dibbs who survived 13 crashes.

Over the fields of France

In 1917, pilots James Sandy and Henry Hughes’s Reconnaissance Experimental 8 (RE8) went down in field near Armentières.

Plays by Alison Knight

Plays by Alison Knight

Rainbow’s End

Eyawn Harry as Rubylove, courtesy Melbourne Writers’ Theatre

Comedy/drama 15 mins

1 trans woman (70+), 1 M (60+), 1F (20-30)

‘Rainbow’s End’ was inspired by an article in The Age that opened my eyes to aged care issues for the rainbow community. I hope this play might do the same for others. https://app.box.com/s/xelxqwm8udm6d8ey5qxhfhwkod2asqf4

Performed with Melbourne Writers’ Theatre 2017, in the 1812 Board Shorts Festival 2018, in the UNESCO City of Literature OAP Festival in Dunedin 2019, and in Bendigo Theatre Company’s TENX10 Festival 2020.


Comedy 35 mins

4 M (35-60) 4 F (middle-aged)

In a bid to establish a name for himself, the new Vice Principal of Blackstone College persuades members of the Parents Association to replace the traditional speech night with a Lord of the Rings spectacular. Unfortunately, his big ideas rest on flimsy foundations. Just how “committed” is he?https://app.box.com/s/1mg928ab3yhiu7x3c13mgb9v1r2psrc1

Clare Hutton as Di Finnegan. Photo Karim Ghantous
Damian Jones as Dave Endicott. Photo Karim Ghantous

Anna by Lamplight

Drama 15 mins

1 M (40+) IM (30+) 1 F (25-40)

Berlin, November 1938, two days after Kristallnacht. A dangerous time to be a Jew. But who presents the greater danger to Anna: the Nazis or her abusive husband Max? And who is the stranger in black, lurking under the lamplight?https://app.box.com/s/76n2yr64roqbwa0ti4u6qddxcrcr9el6

Performed at the 1812 Board Shorts, Bendigo Theatre Company’s TENX10 Festival and Peridot Theatre.

‘I thought your play was the standout on the day and one of the best pieces I have seen in a long time. Well done!’ Audrey

Over the Hill

Comedy 15 mins

2M (50-60) 2F (45-55)

‘You get to our age and you suddenly realise it’s all downhill from here.’ This gloomy conclusion prompts Lynne and Judy to seek excitement away from their obsessive compulsive husbands. And Ross and Barry are off on an adventure too—but things don’t go entirely to plan.


First performed in my back garden. Later performed at the 1812 Board Shorts 2013 and in the Monash One Act Play Festival 2015.

Nomination for best original script.

Dear Lisa

Drama 10 mins

1 M (70+) 3 F (70+, 30-ish, 25-45)

Love in the time of COVID-19: the love between an elderly couple; the love of a nurse for her patients. https://app.box.com/s/eq6oofsycenz1qj9k9egna16xkald28b

To be performed in Bendigo Theatre Company’s TENX10 Festival 2021.

The Things That You’ve Seen

Drama 15 mins

2 F (1 teenager, 1 middle-aged)

A traumatic event links a teenage girl and a middle-aged woman. Two stories told in parallel: the mother whose son caused the tragedy and the girl who lost her bother. https://app.box.com/s/2a07cdkjg8ssdk06j1v5n2akts6ioe0b

Performed in the 1812 Board Shorts and in the Monash One Act Play Festival.

Winner of the Best Original Script Award (MOAPF 2019)


Drama 15 mins

1 M (middle-aged) 2 F (21 and middle-aged)

“Germany calling, Germany calling. Even after all these years, the memory of Lord Haw-Haw chills me to the bones. Lord Haw-Haw was a traitor. After the war, he was hanged by the neck until he was dead. That’s what all traitors deserve. This story is about treachery. It starts in 1941, during those terrible days of the Blitz. I have learned to hate all traitors and there is no disease I spit on more than treachery.”-Constance https://app.box.com/s/gsz5xs82vckrwwvurudk678uigiz76er

Performed in the 1812 Board Shorts 2016


Drama 15 mins

1 M (40-ish) 1 F (35-40) 1 M/F (any age)

Every year, Jenny and Peter celebrate their daughter’s birthday in the local park. But Bonnie died six years ago. While Peter wants to let Bonnie go, Jenny is lost in a digital fantasy land created by the predatory company Elysium. https://app.box.com/s/qhw7lylwhjgv40k7gqom3hokll34832g

Performed by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre 2020

Emma Choy and Amir Rahimzadeh. Photo courtesy Melbourne Writers’ Theatre


Drama 15 mins

1 M (30s) 1 F (early 20s)

An aimless young woman gains a new sense of purpose following an encounter with a mysterious stranger. This play delves into the history of Flinders Lane, Melbourne. https://app.box.com/s/j04ebscp52j1vyr3sspnyp3yothgccgd

Was to have been performed in the Shepparton Short Play Festival 2020, but cancelled due to COVID-19.


Comedy 20 mins

1 M (40+) 1 F (20s) 1 M/F (30+)

An old burial ground at the Queen Vic Market, Melbourne. A Shakespearian actor takes his revenge from beyond the grave – with help from an unexpected source. https://app.box.com/s/278zbnie0julevhf25r2sdkez57hunfe

Performed by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre 2019

Jonty Reason as Andy, courtesy Melbourne Writers’ Theatre

Ruben Francis (Scamp) and Emma Drysdale (Kitty), courtesy Melbourne Writers’ Theatre

‘ “Wormholes” by Alison Knight is a surprising and lively piece that acknowledges the very early days of the site on which the Queen Victoria Market stands.  Knight takes us into a haunted underground space or cemetery where the present, in the person of a market worker (Emma Drysdale), meets an amazing theatrical past in the form of egocentric actor (Jonty Reason) and his assistant Scamp (Ruben Francis).  Apparently the ‘great actor’ was killed by a critic!’ -Susan Sandow, Stage Whispers.

The Art of Fiction

Comedy 15 mins

1 M (middle-aged) 1 F (middle-aged)

Recently divorced Perry moves in with his widowed sister Carol. While Perry immerses himself in the fantasy Kakapopo blog, Carol takes refuge in romantic fiction. Comedy ensues when fiction and reality collide.

Performed in the 1812 Board Shorts 2011 and at Peridot Theatre 2016

Noises in the Night

Comedy 10 mins

2F (50+) 1 F (any age)

An encounter between two eccentric women on a bench under a tree at what appears to be a health farm. https://app.box.com/s/x2vmumzb48778grbop12h97rgmcr68d5

Performed in the 1812 Board Shorts 2010 and at Peridot Theatre 2015