The Undiscovered Room and Other Stories

From the author of Peter Stone and The Close, a collection of nine bite-sized stories encompassing the darkly humorous to the supernatural.

What mysterious force inspires a woman to paint a mural – with marmalade? And will there be a price to pay? A country policeman investigates the disappearance of two journalists from a crop circle. Berlin, 1938 – a dangerous time to be a Jew.

Venture into the worlds of nine memorable characters who confront extremity.


‘Alison Knight’s short stories are terrifically engaging. She creates disturbing atmosphere with mastery and can also conjure up humour with a light and sure touch. The twists in some of her stories are as clever and surprising as in those of Jeffrey Archer.’ Karen Churchill

Published Short Stories by Alison Knight

The Wardrobe

A ghost story.

‘From ghoulies and ghosties,’ he whispers, ‘good Lord, deliver us!’

A desolate child, a cold father, a cruel sister … and the wardrobe. What’s in the wardrobe?

Highly commended in the Monash Short Story Competition

The Cosmonaut’s Child

The first spacewalk. As the cosmonaut ventures from the safety of the mothership, he reflects on the imminent birth of his child back home.

My growing child, who swam and tumbled inside his mother, now feels the womb wall close around him. But I have cast off gravity, float weightless in the boundless void. The silence is absolute but for the hammer of my heartbeat, the whispering tide of my breath.

3rd prize in the Chorley & District Writers’ Circle Short Story competition.

This Devil Ship

A former KGB agent expresses his anguish at his involvement in the tragedy of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov.


‘Remember: an open coffin,’ he says. ‘Think of me sometimes, won’t you?’

Sunset Cruise

A black comedy.

Shona always did go overboard … Don’t get me wrong: Shona’s events were monumental, unforgettable. Each bore her individual stamp, from the elaborate costumes and props to the themed refreshments … In hindsight, I should have been more wary when she booked a ‘Sunset Cruise: a romantic experience for two’ to celebrate our wedding anniversary.