The Close – just published!

The trapdoor in the kitchen floor of my childhood home opened to a deep shaft. At the bottom of the shaft, a dark stream gurgled. This was this inspiration for my second novel, The Close.

His hand closed around her elbow like a vice. The tentative manner had disappeared completely now. His expression, like his hand, had hardened. ‘This way.’ It was not a suggestion.

Dark secrets lurk on this seemingly unremarkable street in the northern English town of Broadfield. From her bedroom window, seven-year-old Valerie observes the furtive nocturnal activities of the man next door. What’s in the bloodstained bag? What – or who? – is buried in Mr Oliver’s garden? As Valerie pursues her investigations, she discovers that Mr Oliver’s not the only one with something to hide.

The Close

‘…exudes a sense of claustrophobia which is effectively crafted through setting, characters and events…’  Alison Campbell Rate.

‘…a novel of complexity and substance…’  Clare Mendes.

PETER STONE – my first novel

I have recently published my first novel, a psychological mystery, Peter Stone. A real life event provided the springboard for the story, causing me to speculate about how the consequences of an evil act might reverberate in the present.

Peter Stone seems like an ordinary man, but he’s harbouring a dark secret.

Why must he suddenly return to England, following a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night? His partner Martha suspects there’s another woman. The truth is worse than she could ever have imagined.

And Peter’s not the only one with a secret.

Unfolding across different times and different places, Peter Stone explores the burden of the past and the complexity and fragility of human relationships.

You can find “Peter Stone” by following this link.