Legends of the Skies

My plays have been performed (or are to be performed) as part of the Legends of the Skies series at the National Aviation Museum, Moorabbin, VIC from 2014 to the present. They all deal with some aspect of Australian aviation history. It’s both exciting and challenging to perform against such a backdrop!

Opening chorus at the National Aviation Museum

Maurice Guillaux

The story of Maurice Guillaux, daredevil French pilot who delivered Australia’s first official airmail


Some of Charles Kingsford Smith’s exploits.


The story of Friedrich (Fred) David, a Jewish aeronautical engineer. Fred fled Nazi Germany and Japan’s secret police only to end up in an internment camp in Victoria as a suspected enemy alien before being released to help the Australian war effort.

Lost in the Desert

A ballad. The sad story of pilot James Knight who came down in the desert. He scratched a message to his sweetheart on the fuselage of his aircraft before walking to his death.


Getting ready to film in front of a Wackett Trainer.

A Sky Saga: the Story of Sir Thomas White.

Tommy White, parliamentarian and son-in-law of Alfred Deakin, was one of the first pilots to train for the Australian Flying Corps. This play takes a humorous look at some of his WW1 exploits.

Black Magic

Len Waters, the first Aboriginal military aviator.

I know where I’m going: the Peggy Kelman Story

Peggy Kelman defied convention to become one of Australia’s trail-blazing aviatrixes. With musical interludes!

Peggy Kelman

Thirteen is lucky for some

Comedy: the story of WW1 reconnaissance pilot Eric Dibbs who survived 13 crashes.

Over the fields of France

In 1917, pilots James Sandy and Henry Hughes’s Reconnaissance Experimental 8 (RE8) went down in a field near Armentières.

Me performing with David Dodds (as Sir Lawrence Wackett).